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Age of the Republic
Underworld Update




  • Age of The Republic now has an official second server, set on Level 1313 in the Coruscant Underworld. This second server allows players to now choose between which planet they would like to spend their time on, and is an entirely new frontier for players to experience all the new features in.
  • Completely new to Age of The Republic, Civilians have arrived in full force and are available to play for Veteran donators and staff team members. Civilian gameplay offers a much more difficult and free-choice experience to our gamemode. Buy a home, grow crops, rob stores, join a gang, fight or side with Republic, and find many new ways to write your character's story.

  • It is very imporant to note that Civilians will always be seen as "event" or "background" characters when compared to our clone and Jedi players, and will always be the underdog. We are Age of The Republic, after all.


  • It's that time of year again where we can overdose on candy and threaten strangers over pumpkins. The Nightmares on Anaxes event has returned! If you didn't have a chance to get the items last year, now is your chance to do so!
  • Pumpkins have started growing all across Anaxes, and everyone can harvest them to earn limited time rewards or credits. Use Harvested Pumpkins in the Event Hall to craft different spooky armors and gear only available during October.

  • New item arrivals may come to the event at any time after this update, so stay tuned.



  • Civilians, Protocol Droids, and Legacy Droids can now be created by various levels of staff and donator status.
    • Civilians are available in the Character Select screen to Veteran VIP and above until further notice.
    • Protocol Droids are only available in the Character Select screen to Veteran VIP and above.
    • Legacy Droids are only available in the Character Select screen to Senior Moderators and above.

  • These neutral-faction classes are 100% player dependent. All gameplay options and general enjoyment is up to you to have. Remember all server rules apply, and you are playing this class to enhance your own and all Republic player experiences.


  • Several new legal and illegal activities are now available to all players.
    • Grow, use, and sell drugs such as Akuri, Spice, Deathsticks, and more.
    • Prepare your harvest with farming options such as Sapir or Firecaps, and push your output further with the new Agricultural Converter.
    • Cook and bake to your hearts desire with the reworked cooking in addition to the new Food Prep Table.
    • Refine, distill, and create special mixtures and illegal concoctions as you perfect the new player skill, Chemistry.
    • Listen to the hum of machines as you manufacture product such as Plastoid armor or Deathsticks.
    • Put on a mask to hide your identity and rob NPC vendors for all their hard earned credits.

  • These neutral-faction classes are 100% player dependent. All gameplay options and general enjoyment is up to you to have. Remember all server rules apply, and you are playing this class to enhance Republic player experiences.


  • Tons of new NPCs have arrived planetside.

  • General Trade Vendors
    • Farmer's Markets
      • Sells few rustic supplies and furnitures.
      • Buys farm harvests from players.
    • Industrial Markets
      • Sells heavy duty or industrial furnitures and appliances.
      • Buys farm harvests from players.
    • Botanical Markets
      • Sells botanical equipment and all types of seeds.
    • 🔒 Legal Weapons Vendors
      • Sells legal weapons to players with blaster licenses.
    • 🔒 Neutral Depot Vendor
      • Sells various furniture and bar decorations.

  • Food Vendors
    • Neutral Food Vendors
      • Sells cooking supplies and few storebought foods & drinks.
    • 🔒 SnackNPack Vending Machine (Neutral-locked)
      • Sells junk foods and energy drinks.
    • 🔒 Republic Surplus Vending Machine (Republic-locked)
      • Sells Republic-issued snacks, drinks, energy drinks, and ammo.

  • Furniture Vendors
    • 🔒 Basic Neutral Furniture
      • Sells Home-appliances and furniture.
    • 🔒 Jedi Furniture
      • Sells Jedi-themed furniture.
    • 🔒 CT-Issued Furnishings
      • Sells Republic-themed furniture.
    • 🔒 Officer-Issued Furnishings
      • Sells Republic-themed furniture, Training Weapons, and other useful equipment for trainings.

  • Speciality Vendors
    • 🔒 Black Market (Neutral-locked)
      • Sells top of the line Street weapons and cosmetics.
      • Buys drugs, stolen credits, and contraband from players.
      • Appears everyday in a random position.
    • 🔒 Caravan (Neutral-locked)
      • Sells sturdier furniture and actual structures, along with other items.
      • Buys scrapped items from players.
      • Alternates servers on a schedule in a random position.
    • 🔒 Triumphant Vending Machine (Republic-locked)
      • Celebrational & promotional vending machine design to help celebrate the little and big victories within our community.
      • Sells specialty icons, titles, and other cosmetics after reaching a community milestone.
    • 🔒 Republic Medical Depot (Medic-locked)
      • Medical Supplies are available to be purchased for all Medics.
    • Bailer
      • Bail out inmates without having to enter a restricted area.
    • Front Desk
      • Useful for quick tips and information.
      • Feel free to suggest more tips that you think players should know about.

  • In addition to these new faction-locked NPCs, all of the pre-existing NPCs have also been locked to the Republic.

  • New Clone background characters have been added for extra immersion.



  • Character creation and selection system has received a few changes as we test the waters before going for a complete redesign.
    • Players can now skip the Clone Cadet sequence altogether. New clones can select a role they would like to try, similar to a game demo.
      • Clone Trooper
        • Your ordinary, cannon-fodder CT class.
      • Heavy Clone Trooper
        • Offers an early heavy playstyle option.
      • Clone Engineer
        • Gives players a slight taste of engineering or other technical gameplay.
      • Clone Specialist
        • The lone-wolf option.

    • When new clones are created and spawn in, calling a trainer is entirely optional. It is up to them, karma, and their intelligence to get their own CT-CHIP ID Card.

    • The Republic Training room has been redesigned and fully updated. The introductory test has been reworked to ask questions based on the information found in the room since it is now up to the player to learn the information themselves or with a real trainer.
    • Players can now place furniture and other structures & world improvements. These have rules, make sure you read them.
  • Players can now choose their very own models for Civilian, Protocol Droid, and Astromech characters.

  • The character creation menu will now suggest names based off your selected class and gender. It is recommended that you enter your name last, and only use the name suggestion as an idea or inspiration.


🟩 Added AOTR #2: Coruscant Underworld.
➔ Rank, characters, and inventories are linked.
➔ Anaxes server is now limited to 64 players to match Coruscant.

🟩 Added Neutral-faction gameplay option.

🟩 Added new player skill: Chemistry.

🟩 Added Civilian class; available to Veteran Donators.

🟩 Added Protocol Droid class; available to Veteran Donators.

🟩 Added Legacy Droid class; available to Staff.

🟩 Added Stallion's Shock Trooper models.

🟩 Added 16 new NPCs:
➔ City Inspector
➔ Civilian Depot
➔ Civilian Clothing Store
➔ Civilian Cook
➔ Civilian Vending Machine
➔ Civilian Furniture
➔ Civilian Weapons
➔ Civilian Black Market
➔ DuraVend Machine
➔ Property Butler
➔ Farmer's Market
➔ Botanical Market
➔ Industrial Market
➔ Republic Furniture
➔ Republic Officer Furniture
➔ Republic Vending Machine
➔ Republic Triumph Machine

🟩 Added Fisher's LAAT/i Gunships:
➔ LAAT/i Gunship
➔ LAAT/i Gunship (Sealed)
➔ LAAT/i Gunship (Muunilist-10)
➔ LAAT/i Gunship (Muunilist-10) (Sealed)
➔ LAAT/i Gunship (Mass Casualty) (Sealed)

🟩 Added the ability for all LAAT/i Gunships to transport Stretchers.

🟩 Added over 50 new consumable items:
➔ A lot of new alcoholic-based beverages.
➔ Tons of storebought food and drink.
➔ Returning favorites such as Filtered Water, Bristlemelon, and Spartan Redtails.
➔ Energy drinks, seltzers, tea, drugs, and more.

🟩 Added the ability to purchase property on Anaxes.

🟩 Added Property Tax; pay at City Inspector.

🟩 Added Furniture and Furniture Placing System.
➔ Donators and Staff have access to place down extra furniture.

🟩 Added Player Improvements:
➔ Intergalactic Radios (Only droppable by VIPs and Staff.)
➔ Store Kiosks (Securely place items up for automated sale.)
➔ Lamps and Lights (Give your bunks or home some RGB performance.)
➔ Food Preparation Table

🟩 Added Farming Activities:
➔ Sweetroot
➔ Sapir
➔ Alderaanian Flame-Lily
➔ Dry Gene Wheat
➔ Dust Corn
➔ Balo Mushroom
➔ Sourcane

🟩 Added Drug Growing Activities:
➔ Sansanna Spice
➔ Akuri

🟩 Added Manufacturing & Chemistry Activities:
➔ Plastoid Armor
➔ Deathsticks
➔ Skannbult Likker

🟩 Added Neutral-Faction Activities:
➔ Vendor NPC Robbery
➔ Dumpster Scavenging

🟩 Added Workstations:
➔ Civilian Crafting Table
➔ Civilian Assembly Unit
➔ Agricultural Converter
➔ Food Preparation Table

🟩 Added new item tier; Street.
➔ Street Items are drop-on-death legal or illegal items.

🟩 Added Galactic Credit Exchange Machines (ATMs).

🟨 Fixed older cooking recipes being unable to be obtained.

🟦 Changed Shock Trooper classes.
➔ Removed Kamino Security & Shock Specialist
➔ Added Shock Hunters as the new Elite Unit.
➔ Shock Trooper 'Hound' is now a Shock Hunter lore character.
➔ Added Riot Control Medic & Riot Control Officer.
➔ New Lore Characters:
Shock Medic Velocity
ARC Trooper Diamond

🟦 Changed all vendor-based NPC interfaces to use the Crystal Vendor interface when buying items.

🟦 Changed interface sounds.

🟦 Changed Character Select screen buttons.

🟦 Changed maximum amount of characters players can have.

➔ Regular players can have up to 3 characters.
➔ Tier 1 can have up to 5 characters.
➔ Tier 2 can have up to 8 characters.
➔ Tier 3 and Staff can have up to 10 characters.

🟥 Removed harvestable Gonk Droids.

🟥 Removed Mystic Trader.

🟥 Removed cookie-cutter cadet protocols.

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