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Age of the Republic
Summer Update Season




  • Players from every regiment and faction compete for the top spot in Shape Shifter's new annual event; The Summer Games. This new event allows players to pledge allegiance to distintive teams to earn random and otherwise unique loot, only available during the event.

  • With the introduction of the Summer Games brings a new mechanic to our server. This new mechanic being The Summer Climb, an interactive levelling system where players earn XP for various eliminated enemies, and can turn that XP into rewards that are tailored specifically to each team in the Summer Games competition.

  • Keep an eye out for XP Multiplier days, which will come unannounced until the day of.


  • Headlining this update will be our star-studded 41st Elite Corps and the 327th Star Corps receiving their signature updates that are long overdue.

  • 327th Star Corps and the 87th Sentinel Corps will finally get their merge, and we will see the introduction of the 327th Armor Division. With this update, 327th will also see new characters arrive, as well as the new Hawkbat Battalion.

  • 41st Elite Corps gets the usual treatment when it comes to these updates as well, as they too will be receiving new friendly faces as characters (and some major improvements to others) while also receiving new classes for Scouts, new Ranger equipment, and also Gett finally arrives to aid the Sarlacc Battalion.

  • All regiment and class-based weapons will get their (hopefully) final rework to fit the new recoil and weapon settings that the Summer Games has introduced. Class weapons will be more refined, and could potentially be a logical substitute for a non-standard item if need be.

  • The new Elite Corps update brought the development team much needed clarity, as the new 327th and 41st models are pioneering a new file structure to cut down on unnecessary downloads and hard drive usage while still keeping their beautiful quality, while also introducing skins that control armor dirt.

41st Elite Corps by Mantis, Stan, StallionPrime, Luna, Kije, Riff, Caboose, and Kowalski.

327th Star Corps by Mantis and StallionPrime.


  • Finally, something that keeps those vultures busy.

  • Shock Troopers will be assigned hourly duties that have to be completed within the hour, otherwise they are sent a fine from the Senate for being lazy, or something like that.

  • However, Shock is not alone. Republic Medical Corps and the 104th Battalion are among the few regiments who now have tasks they need to complete. These tasks will start out with just a handful of differences, however shortly after these are implemented we will begin to add more to the bunch.



  • For far too long we have fought on the soil of our beautiful hand-crafted and custom Anaxes by Patrick. While we all love Anaxes, we can all agree it is time for a change. This summer we intend to introduce a new way to experience our servers, but of course we need to take some baby steps to ensure everything goes smoothly.

  • First step will be opening up a secondary AOTR Server that takes place on Coruscant. With this change, we will limit both the Anaxes and the Coruscant server to 64 player slots. Regiments will have to strategically balance themselves and their presence across the servers, or alternatively can pick one to commonly station.

  • Eventually, additional servers across several other planets or locales of the universe will follow suit, such as the Republic Training Server. Players will be able to travel back to Kamino to run simulations without the help of a gamemaster, or get some passive roleplay and some quietness away from the battlefront.

  • Once we know this method of introducing new planets is good and healthy for the community, we can continue to push our boundaries further to more and more planets as they time goes on. Several servers acting as instances of planets, each with their own activities, resources, enemies, and stories to discover.

  • Coruscant Below


  • Going hand-in-hand with the multi-server functionality mentioned above, we will also be introducing new ways to play on these servers. What more could we do other than introduce new maps? Glad you asked.

  • After experiencing positive feedback from the community, Civilians will now become playable by all staff or donator at any time, bringing back the magic of real roleplay and authentic experiences that Operation Winterfell brought. (We hope Shock is ready to be real cops for once.)

  • Once Civilian gameplay is stable and the community receives it well, Civilian classes will become completely public for all players to use. Shortly after, we will look to introduce more non-Republic classes for supporters or all players to utilize and assist in building a moving, breathing world for roleplay.

  • With Civilians and potentially more factions and classes being available to players openly, character slots will be raised. There is nothing set in stone, but all players will have the ability to create 2-3 characters by default, and Veteran Supporters will have the ability to create 9 or more characters depending on how things turn out.


  • With the new Coruscant and Civilian parts coming to the community soon, we need to take a step back and give the Clones and Jedi something productive to be doing other than bothering civilians or grinding away at cooking and crafting.

  • Plastoid Manufacturing will arrive to Republic Facilities, and will allow players to create and stockpile armor. Players can choose to sell the armor to the Republic for money, or can keep the armor in a unique storage container for when the time comes.

  • Deathsticks will be making their return, and will only be able to be sold to markets on Coruscant, but can be smuggled back to Anaxes via players. This time consuming activity will come at a risk, as your machines make enough noise to let any potential intruder or Shock Trooper know that you have some equipment inside.

  • Deathstick Manufacturing Machine



  • With the massive changes listed out above for everyone but the Jedi Order, it's time our robed glowstick wielding wizards get some attention.

  • Jedi Youngling will become a Free to Play class. Youngling players will be forever locked to Youngling until they become a ranked supporter, however they can still participate in Jedi events, Jedi economy, and so on.

  • Jedi Padawans and Knights will have it a bit harder. Now when you become a Padawan, you will be greeted with an automated system that will reflect the crystal gathering event that happens in canon. Padawans will have to find their first crystal somewhere on the map, and it will be totally randomized.

  • Once a Padawan reaches Knight, they will then be automatically placed into a branch based on an in-game test that they will take. Knights will be forced to go down the given path until they are a high enough honor rank to be able to swap branches or link to a regiment.


  • At this time we are looking to improve our performance and endurance, and as much as I'd like to crack a joke here, we need to stay on topic.

  • Server performance as of lately has been an absolute drag. Since last year our team has not stopped for a moment to take a break from looking at new ways to improve the experiences that our loyal players seek out every day.

  • Along with our usual performance updates, we have turned to rework and completely remaster various aspects of our gamemode. The goal is to make everything from crafting, to cooking, to even conversing with gamemode NPCs and everything in between more fresh, fluent, fast, and unrecognizable when compared to our current functions, which has been the same since Alpha and Beta stages. Yawn, time for that to go.

‎‎‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎

With everything mentioned here still up in the air, we think it's best to leave you all with the information listed here and nothing further, atleast until we know the Death Star plans won't fall into rebel hands. We hope you all have a great summer, and we are always happy to have you here on Age of The Republic.

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