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Age of the Republic
Dead Below Coruscant Update




  • Happy belated birthday, Age of the Republic! 🥳
  • Of course it would not be a successful update season without us missing our birthday by being too busy. Nevertheless, Sergeant Major Patches has arrived on Coruscant, and is offering various cosmetics and items for sale to celebrate this grand occasion.

  • New anniversary titles have also been added to the Crystal Vendor.


  • Remember when I said October is the time to threaten strangers over candy you want to overdose on? Well, Underworld Candy has arrived! These candies are imbued with something probably close to drugs, so you know they are super tasty.
  • The Galactic Republic can collect these candies to craft special weapons or cosmetics, such as the new Bastion shotgun or the Paper Halloween Masks.

  • New titles, icons, and furnitures have arrived for both factions at their respective Hallowed Vendors or the Crystal Vendor.


🟩 Added a new scoreboard/tab menu.

➔ Players can now play their own music using the server's soundtrack. Few other features added or updated.

🟩 Added new items to the Republic-faction Item Fabricator.

➔ 'La Abominati' Miniature Bryar-Bowcaster.
➔ 'Bastion' Hunter Shotgun.
➔ Paper Mask Cosmetics.

🟩 Added new items to the Republic-faction Hallowed Vendor.

➔ Undead HUD.
➔ Halloween Costume Randomizer.
➔ 'Ghoulish Intent' WESTAR 35.
➔ 'Strikethrough' A280.
➔ 'Dark Tendrils' E-11S.
➔ Blackout Jack O' Lantern Masks.
➔ Sinister Furniture.
➔ New titles.
➔ New icons.

🟩 Added new items to the Neutral-faction Hallowed Vendor.

➔ Undead HUD.
➔ Blackout Jack O' Lantern Masks.
➔ Sinister Furniture.
➔ New titles.
➔ New icons.

🟩 Added new title effects thanks to tera.gg

🟨 Fixed Diagnostic Tools being unable to be obtained.

🟨 Fixed an issue with the Perfected Commando's Advice.

🟨 Fixed an issue with 41st Scout Battalion Medics being unable to be medics.

🟨 Fixed an issue with Shock Riot Control not having pants.

🟨 Fixed typos in various crafting recipes, preventing items from being crafted.

🟦 Changed player's on-screen HUD to be mostly transparent.

🟥 Capped Shape Shifter rotation.

➔ Shape Shifter will now only show up on the weekends with the same stock, only consisting of cosmetic items. This is a temporary change and will last until further notice.

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